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This have been the most awful week I've ever experienced. It is the first time that I've lost someone important in my life. It's very very sad that a friend of mine since high school have passed away in the beginning of the month due to bone cancer. I've been very depressed this passed weekend after attending her funeral. I was crying from beginning to end, the moment I walked in, the moment I saw her mom, when her mom and her friends shared their thoughts of her, when they played a slideshow of her whole life's pictures, when I see her for the last time before they closed the coffin and send her off for cremation. How could this have happen to someone I know!! I mean she's only 23, she should still have a whole life ahead of her. Before she left us, all she was scared of wasn't death but that her mom would be left behind. Her dad passed away 1-2 years ago also due to cancer. How is her mom suppose to take this. And it was right before mother's day too!!! I feel terrible that there's nothing much I can do for her. I haven't been able to keep in touch with her for 1 to 2 month and the next thing I know she's not with us anymore?? I was just thinking about her the night she left, about where we should hangout after I finish my midterms. Yet I found out about her death the next day from another friend. I didn't even get to pay her a visit when she's at the hospital. All I can do now is wish her the best in heaven with her father. I will never forget about her, my fellow schoolmate, team member and colleague. My dear dear friend. 

In memory of Katelyn Huang


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