HAUL: NYX products from CherryCulture.com


Makeup Remover with Green Tea Extract ($5.49)
       I found it kinda of hard to use, it dries extremely fast..

Liquid  Foundation - Medium Beige ($7.68)
      I have't open this yet but the shade seems to be too dark..

Concealer Jar - Beige ($3.02)
       Haven't tried it out yet, it smells pretty good tho =D

Mosaic Powder - Peachy ($4.39)
        Haven't tried it out yet, the shades are darker than I thought

Twin Cake Compact Powder - Medium Beige ($7.68)
      Haven't tried it out yet, didn't get why it's called twin cake when there's only one dish of powder -_-?

Round Lipstick - Iris ($2.20)
       This is a very light shimmering orange, it has a nice scent

Girls Nail Polish - Fair Dust ($1.65)
       This is a very lovely and light shade of pink, not very noticeable

Girls Nail Polish - Spot Light ($1.65)
       Very cute and sparkly, I didn't put on a bottom coat when used so it was kinda hard to remove

Pen Eye Liner - Dark Brown ($4.39)
       It pretty easy to apply and the color is nice. The edges kinda run off with skin texture tho, especially when applied on eyelid =(

Doll Eye Mascara - Water Proof Extreme Black ($4.94)
       Very good effect, eyelashes seem longer and thicker instantly

Bubble Gum Lip Balm - Lemon Flavor (FREE GIFT)
       Haven't tried it yet but it smells great ^^

Total spent: $47.47


Jen said...

Great haul!!
Looking forward to in-depth reviews? - i wanna purchase some NYX off Cherryculture but idk if it's worth it? :)


jEniB❤ said...

I probably would not get anything if it wasn't half off..this is my first set of cosmetics actually, so I don't have anything to compare it with..maybe when I get some more from another brand I will do a more in-depth comparison review...kekeke...but I would definitely do some swatches after next week..deadly finals coming up =[

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