DRAMA: Can You Hear My Heart

Can You Hear My Heart

OMG >.< Kim Jae Won~!!! His smile is soso cute..isn't his skin a bit too white, I want his skin so badly..LOLs..This is the first drama he's in after he's done with military service, I think!!? I loved the dramas he was in, especially "Wonderful Life" when I saw it way back. I am now half way through this new drama =D. I like the soundtracks a lot as well!!

Genre: Romance, Drama
Total Episode: 30
Air Time: Saturdays & Sundays

In this drama, Kim Jae Won plays the character Cha Dong Joo, who turned deaf due to a childhood accident. Young Dong Joo saw his stepfather "murdered" his grandfather and fell of the balcony. It turns out that his stepfather marrying his mom is all a scheme to steal their family business. Dong Joo's mom took him out of the country to recover from the hearing lost and his stepfather tookover the family business. Dong Joo came back 16 years later to get revenge. He pretends that he can still hear and that he lost his memory due to the accident. He wants to get back what rightfully belongs to his grandfather.

The female leading role, Bong Woo Ri, played by Hwang Jung Eum, is an intelligent woman who pretends to be dim-witted to protect her mentally handicapped stepfather. Although life is harsh, she never gives up. The two met in the village Woo Ri lived in when they were small but lost contact after Dong Joo's accident. Now that Dong Joo came back to Korea, fate brings the two back together. 


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