Leopard Print Frames

Got these from my cousin a while back. I liked it a lot, kinda into leopard prints. But these are humongous. They take up half of my face. I doubt I'd get use to them..T^T...I can't even use them for decoration since my prescription is kinda high...Poor frames, never been used, just sitting in the drawer...


Someday - IU 
Dreaming - IU
Coffee - Park Han Byul
If I Had A Lover - Gayoon (4 Minute) & Yoseob (Beast) Cover
Medley - IU

The first two songs are soundtracks of Korean drama "Dream High". I just love that drama, especially its soundtracks. Fell in love with IU's voice ever since. She's absolutely adorable..love how songs come out through her voice. I like the second song the best. The lyrics' very cute. In the drama IU's character wrote the song to express her feeling toward Jason, if I remembered correctly. It's cut out from the drama and kinda short, why can't they release the entire song.. 

Heard Coffee by Park Han Byul at someone's blog. I thought it sounded like one of SNSD's? songs. This song is slower yet catchy and very comfortable to listen to. So I give it two thumbs up..^^..

If I Had A Lover is originally sang by G.Na and Rain. This cover of the song is a cuter version. But I like both versions. 

The last track is a video which IU sang Gee (SNSD), Lies (Big Bang) and Sorry Sorry (SJ) on a show with only her guitar. Her voice is so soothing... LOLs.. the MC's expression was very funny when he listens to her.


restless day...

Such a busy busy day...did the laundry this morning , went to see my grandparents before they visit China and had breakfast with them. Spent so much time just to get grandpa up to the restaurant since he had to use wheelchair and the elevator was broken. Had to chase after 5 kids, my 4 baby cousins and my lilo brother, at the restaurant and the park as they always run in different directions. Ended up eating dinner at my uncle's yet his baby and toddler never stopped screaming......my head will probably explode if I stay there longer. When I finally got home, I still have to fold the laundry...I am so strained out ...

Moving in...

Weather , such a good weather for nap taking..

FINALLY After those crazy midterms in the beginning of the week, I can finally get some rest

Just spent the entire afternoon trying to get this blog started. I am quite excited considering that my last blog was like half a decade ago...

Special thanks to Fernanda ♬ ★ ♥ ♪ ★ ☆~ for inspiring me, her super cute blog made me wanna blog away again..