Handmade Bracelets

Showing off two bracelet I made a while back...
The two bracelets both involved the use of faux pearls and crystals. I put a flower toggle clasp on the first one and a regular lobster clasp for the second one. One bad thing about the flower toggle clasp is that the flower was not made for the clasp, I just replaced the original ring with the flower ring, so it always falls off. I almost lost it several times and stepped on it and had to replace the pearls once. Now I improved on it by adding a lobster clasp to it..
I made the first one to procrastinate from studying for midterms..kekeke...I spent several hours just on making the swirly springs that's placed above each crystal . Which is a total waste of time since they probably sell pre-made ones at craft stores. In between each pearl are 5 crystals including the colors: clear, clear AB, purple, blue, and gray. The second one's more simple. What's special about it was the springy stars in between the pearls. I thought they both looked awesome..


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