NYX: Fair Dust

As I've mentioned in the previous post, NYX-FAIR DUST is a very light shade of pink. It is barely noticeable. It has very tiny sparkles. It has a very clean & clear feeling to it. It is great for natural everyday look. The consistency is good and it dries pretty quickly. I highly recommend it. I got it on the mother's day sale at cherryculture.com

Fair Dust - USD $1.50
No flash

w/ Flash 

 w/ Flash different shading

 Just w/ clear coat

 w/ Flash different shading

Finals Progress

I am finally done with two finals for now...procrastination KILLS...I ended up studying for my physics at 3AM that morning and did horrible on that final. Everything was multiple choice so there's no partial credit. There are problems from the first midterm that I completely forgotten how to do. I felt so bad after I came out from it. 
Tomorrow is BIOCHEM...I don't know how I am gonna die...gosh...the second midterm was terrible enough...I am now gonna go to the library and study my ass off for it..T^T
These are my biochem book and lecture notes...
Everyone from my class has a big stack, we are such tree killers...

I HATE canker sores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely HATE,  I said HATE, canker sores...especially I have this huge, 5X6mm, canker sore on the side of my tongue right now!! Since it's right next to my molars, every time I chew or swallow it touches the sore and hurts like HELL. I would take a picture to show you but it'd be too disgusting. I couldn't even sleep at night beause of the pain...How am I gonna survive this final week. What should I do!!!!!!!

HAUL: E.L.F. Studio Brushes & Mineral Eyeshadows

Studio Brushes ($3.00 ea)
      -Angle Foundation Brush
      -Powder Brush
      -Contour Brush
      -Small Angled Brush
      -Stipple Brush

Studio Kabuki Brush ($5.00)

Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette Limited Edition - Everyday Basics ($5.00)

Mineral Eyeshadows (10 Free Eyeshadows) + $6.95 shipping
       -Temptress (matte)
       -Enchanting (matte)
       -Smolderng - backordered

Total Spent: $31.95

The brushes have very soft bristles as many have stated. I purposely picked the ones that were most purchased and have high ratings. The prices and quality are really good so I would definitely recommend their brushes, especially for newbies like myself. However, they come in individual pouches that have very strong plastic smell so defnitely wash them before use. After first wash, the bristles would not fall off on its own unless you purposely pull them off. Just by texture and softness, I like the stipple, powder and angled foundation brushes the most. Haven't really used them yet.

The eyeshadow palette was smaller than expected, well I guess it was my problem since the name already hinted "MINI". The colors were pretty complete for everyday use. It comes with a two headed applier.

The mineral eyeshadows are VERY shiny, I would say even to the point being metallic.  I didn't want to get colors that are too extreme so I watched many youtube videos before picking the colors. I ended up picking several colors that are very similiar. I am now waiting for one more eyeshadow that backordered, once I get it I would definitely do some comparing swatches =D

DRAMA: Can You Hear My Heart

Can You Hear My Heart

OMG >.< Kim Jae Won~!!! His smile is soso cute..isn't his skin a bit too white, I want his skin so badly..LOLs..This is the first drama he's in after he's done with military service, I think!!? I loved the dramas he was in, especially "Wonderful Life" when I saw it way back. I am now half way through this new drama =D. I like the soundtracks a lot as well!!

Genre: Romance, Drama
Total Episode: 30
Air Time: Saturdays & Sundays

In this drama, Kim Jae Won plays the character Cha Dong Joo, who turned deaf due to a childhood accident. Young Dong Joo saw his stepfather "murdered" his grandfather and fell of the balcony. It turns out that his stepfather marrying his mom is all a scheme to steal their family business. Dong Joo's mom took him out of the country to recover from the hearing lost and his stepfather tookover the family business. Dong Joo came back 16 years later to get revenge. He pretends that he can still hear and that he lost his memory due to the accident. He wants to get back what rightfully belongs to his grandfather.

The female leading role, Bong Woo Ri, played by Hwang Jung Eum, is an intelligent woman who pretends to be dim-witted to protect her mentally handicapped stepfather. Although life is harsh, she never gives up. The two met in the village Woo Ri lived in when they were small but lost contact after Dong Joo's accident. Now that Dong Joo came back to Korea, fate brings the two back together. 

HAUL: NYX products from CherryCulture.com


Makeup Remover with Green Tea Extract ($5.49)
       I found it kinda of hard to use, it dries extremely fast..

Liquid  Foundation - Medium Beige ($7.68)
      I have't open this yet but the shade seems to be too dark..

Concealer Jar - Beige ($3.02)
       Haven't tried it out yet, it smells pretty good tho =D

Mosaic Powder - Peachy ($4.39)
        Haven't tried it out yet, the shades are darker than I thought

Twin Cake Compact Powder - Medium Beige ($7.68)
      Haven't tried it out yet, didn't get why it's called twin cake when there's only one dish of powder -_-?

Round Lipstick - Iris ($2.20)
       This is a very light shimmering orange, it has a nice scent

Girls Nail Polish - Fair Dust ($1.65)
       This is a very lovely and light shade of pink, not very noticeable

Girls Nail Polish - Spot Light ($1.65)
       Very cute and sparkly, I didn't put on a bottom coat when used so it was kinda hard to remove

Pen Eye Liner - Dark Brown ($4.39)
       It pretty easy to apply and the color is nice. The edges kinda run off with skin texture tho, especially when applied on eyelid =(

Doll Eye Mascara - Water Proof Extreme Black ($4.94)
       Very good effect, eyelashes seem longer and thicker instantly

Bubble Gum Lip Balm - Lemon Flavor (FREE GIFT)
       Haven't tried it yet but it smells great ^^

Total spent: $47.47

Recent Happenings...

This have been the most awful week I've ever experienced. It is the first time that I've lost someone important in my life. It's very very sad that a friend of mine since high school have passed away in the beginning of the month due to bone cancer. I've been very depressed this passed weekend after attending her funeral. I was crying from beginning to end, the moment I walked in, the moment I saw her mom, when her mom and her friends shared their thoughts of her, when they played a slideshow of her whole life's pictures, when I see her for the last time before they closed the coffin and send her off for cremation. How could this have happen to someone I know!! I mean she's only 23, she should still have a whole life ahead of her. Before she left us, all she was scared of wasn't death but that her mom would be left behind. Her dad passed away 1-2 years ago also due to cancer. How is her mom suppose to take this. And it was right before mother's day too!!! I feel terrible that there's nothing much I can do for her. I haven't been able to keep in touch with her for 1 to 2 month and the next thing I know she's not with us anymore?? I was just thinking about her the night she left, about where we should hangout after I finish my midterms. Yet I found out about her death the next day from another friend. I didn't even get to pay her a visit when she's at the hospital. All I can do now is wish her the best in heaven with her father. I will never forget about her, my fellow schoolmate, team member and colleague. My dear dear friend. 

In memory of Katelyn Huang