NYX: Fair Dust

As I've mentioned in the previous post, NYX-FAIR DUST is a very light shade of pink. It is barely noticeable. It has very tiny sparkles. It has a very clean & clear feeling to it. It is great for natural everyday look. The consistency is good and it dries pretty quickly. I highly recommend it. I got it on the mother's day sale at cherryculture.com

Fair Dust - USD $1.50
No flash

w/ Flash 

 w/ Flash different shading

 Just w/ clear coat

 w/ Flash different shading

Finals Progress

I am finally done with two finals for now...procrastination KILLS...I ended up studying for my physics at 3AM that morning and did horrible on that final. Everything was multiple choice so there's no partial credit. There are problems from the first midterm that I completely forgotten how to do. I felt so bad after I came out from it. 
Tomorrow is BIOCHEM...I don't know how I am gonna die...gosh...the second midterm was terrible enough...I am now gonna go to the library and study my ass off for it..T^T
These are my biochem book and lecture notes...
Everyone from my class has a big stack, we are such tree killers...

I HATE canker sores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely HATE,  I said HATE, canker sores...especially I have this huge, 5X6mm, canker sore on the side of my tongue right now!! Since it's right next to my molars, every time I chew or swallow it touches the sore and hurts like HELL. I would take a picture to show you but it'd be too disgusting. I couldn't even sleep at night beause of the pain...How am I gonna survive this final week. What should I do!!!!!!!