Someday - IU 
Dreaming - IU
Coffee - Park Han Byul
If I Had A Lover - Gayoon (4 Minute) & Yoseob (Beast) Cover
Medley - IU

The first two songs are soundtracks of Korean drama "Dream High". I just love that drama, especially its soundtracks. Fell in love with IU's voice ever since. She's absolutely how songs come out through her voice. I like the second song the best. The lyrics' very cute. In the drama IU's character wrote the song to express her feeling toward Jason, if I remembered correctly. It's cut out from the drama and kinda short, why can't they release the entire song.. 

Heard Coffee by Park Han Byul at someone's blog. I thought it sounded like one of SNSD's? songs. This song is slower yet catchy and very comfortable to listen to. So I give it two thumbs up..^^..

If I Had A Lover is originally sang by G.Na and Rain. This cover of the song is a cuter version. But I like both versions. 

The last track is a video which IU sang Gee (SNSD), Lies (Big Bang) and Sorry Sorry (SJ) on a show with only her guitar. Her voice is so soothing... LOLs.. the MC's expression was very funny when he listens to her.



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